Muay Thai Grand Prix 5 : Parr V Kaponis


So there is something special going down in June of this year. John Wayne Parr will be hitting our shores to fight on the MTGP show at the O2 arena against Greece’s best, Pavlos Kaponis, in a full Muay Thai rules bout at 74kg.

-Main Event-
John Wayne Parr (Boonchu Gym) V Pavlos Kaponis (Diamond Gym)
FTR – 74KG – 5×3
International Bout (Aus/Gre)

-MTGP Welterweight Title-
Charlie Peters (Double K) V Nauzet Trujillo (Shoothon Gym)
FTR – 66KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Spa)

-MTGP Featherweight Title-
Matt Tieu (Team Tieu) V Kevin Vidal (Shoothon Gym)
FTR – 57KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Spa)

-MTGP Bantamweight Title-
Dan McGowan (Team Tieu) V Samb Madiale (Veera Boxing)
FTR – 54KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Spa)

-Main Card-

Jamie Whelan (Double K) V Thibaud  (Veera Boxing)
K1 – 58KG – 3×3
International Bout (Eng/Fra)

Bernise Alldis (Keddles/Double K) V Anaelle Angerville (France)
FTR – 57KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Fra)

Carlton Lieu (Team Tieu) V Benito Thamas (Spain)
FTR – 63KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Spa)

Paul Barber (Double K) V Ian Houillebecq (Legions Gym)
FTR – 62KG – 5×3
Domestic Bout

Evan Jays (Double K/Team Tieu) V Jamie Ahern (SMTC)
FTR – 50KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Sco)

Luke Whelan (Double K) V Fabio Barros (KO South)
K1 – 71KG – 3×3
Domestic Bout

Sevket Cerkez (Team Tieu) V TBC
FTR – 71KG – 5×3
Domestic Bout

James Toomey (Double K) V Liam Brough (Legions Gym)
FTR – 63KG – 5×3
Domestic Bout

-ISKA English Title-
Michael Pham (Eng) V Michael Calunga (Eng)
B-Class – 68KG – 5×2
Domestic Bout

-Preliminary Card-

Robert Vereyken (KO South) V Marley Zwanenberg (Team Tieu)
K-1 – 76KG – 3×3

Michael Pham (Eng) V Benitez Perez (Spa)
K-1 – 68KG – 3×3
International Bout

Kieran Manwaring (Double K) V Thai Hoang (Team Tieu)
B-Class – 63KG – 5×2

Liam Wells (Double K) V Saj Imran (Team Tieu)
K-1 – 68KG – 3×3

Leon Jones (Fight City) V Will Jones (Double K)
K-1 – 85KG – 3×3

Eric Lie (Team Tieu) V Matt Wray (Double K)
C-Class – 80KG – 5×1.5

John Dang (Team Tieu) V TBC
K-1 – 68KG – 3×3

Kelly Haynes (Hertford Academy) V Sara Day (Double K)
K-1 – 52KG – 3×2

Colin Chu (Team Tieu) V TBC
C-Class – 67KG – 3×2

Jamie McGuigan (Double K) V Kane Rigglesworth (Team Tieu Cheltenham)
K-1 – 70KG – 3×2

Kyron Osborne (Fight City) vs Enrique Gomez (Team Tieu)
C-Class – 61KG – 5×1.5

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