Muay Thai Grand Prix III


Muay Thai Grand Prix 3 promises to be a blockbuster with some of the biggest names in the sport battling out for the gold  at the famous Indigo at the O2 Arena!

Muay Thai Grand Prix 3 has held already some classic matches such as Steve Wakeling vs Artem Levin, Michael Dicks vs Palung Chon Pumpanmuang, Michael Wakeling vs Pajunsuk, Michael Wakeling vs Craig Jose, Greg Wooton vs Luke Turner, Salah Abdelsalam vs Brad Stanton, Reece Mcallister vs Charlie Peters and many more. It is considered one of the best fight venues in the UK. 


-Main Card – Live TV- (Start 7am AEDT)

Dean James (Pra Chao Suua) V Hackim Harnesh (Team Nasser)
FTR – 57KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Fra)

Victor Saravia (MuayThai America) V Daniel McGowan (Team Tieu)
FTR – 54KG – 5×3
International Bout (USA/Eng)

-MTGP World Welterweight Title-
Charlie Peters (Double K) V Tommi McCormick (Bodyflo)
FTR – 67KG – 5×3

Iman Barlow (Assassins) V Maria Lobo (Dinamite Team)
FTR – 54KG – 5×3
International Bout (Eng/Por)

Alex Bublea (TKA) V Ben Lucas (Pra Chao Suua)
FTR – 67KG – 5×3
International Bout (Rom/Eng)

Dominik Matusz (Perun) V Michael Pham (Team Tieu)
B Class – 68KG – 5×2
International Bout (Pol/Eng)

Tommy Zoom (Lumpini) V Evan Jays (Double K/Team Tieu)
FTR – 48KG – 5×3

Paul Barber (Double K) V Daniel Terry (5 Star/Team Tieu)
FTR – 63KG – 5×3

*semi finals 1 and 2 of 4-man scheduled at start of main card*


* This live stream will only show the main card - prelims are not included



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