UFC209: Mark Hunt says Alistair Overeem is a 'cheater'

Thursday 2nd March 2017

Mark Hunt has been put in an awkward position with his legal case against the UFC still looming in the lead-up to UFC209.

In an interview before UFC209 this weekend Mark Hunt spoke to Ariel Helwani of MMAfighting.com about his opponent Alistair Overeem and the issue of steroid use in the UFC.

“I can tell him to his face that I don’t like him and what he stands for” explained Hunt,

“Like the rest of these guys they are just cheaters. What they stand for is nothing. They are cowards.”

When asked what he would do if Alistair Overeem returned a positive test after the fight Hunt said:

“If he is caught after this [fight] doping I don’t care ... I will sue him afterwards”

“I’ve done nothing wrong I just come to work here just like the last time” said Hunt.

“Every time I come to work I come to work honest and all I get are these cheaters”

Hunt also feels that steroids have severely affected the legitimacy of the Heavyweight title to the point where it completely gone, and questions why anyone would chase the title when it has been held by a series of drug cheats and that the UFC has done nothing about it.

“The rampant use of steroids and people getting away with it … are ruining the sport”

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