Amanda Paris: Model, singer and Invicta FC Phoenix girl
Amanda Paris: Model, singer and Invicta FC Phoenix girl

Amanda Paris: Model, singer and Invicta FC Phoenix girl

Invicta FC Phoenix Girl, Amanda Paris, answers questions for Fight!

Amanda Paris has graced the pages of FIGHT! in the past in our annual FIGHT! Girl Search, and she’s got a multitude of trades in her tool belt — singer, model (think Maxim and Oxygen), transformation coach, and jewellery designer, to name but a few. Add to that her newest gig — Invicta FC’s newest Phoenix girl and MMA superfan in training. 

Welcome back to the pages of FIGHT!  With so many jobs, how would you describe yourself?

I’m like a Jane of all trades. I do a lot of different jobs. I’m a health and transformation coach to help people lose weight and that is something I’m super passionate about because I love having a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been able to help a lot of people with that, including my mum who’s lost 60 pounds. It’s nice having an income directly related to helping other people get healthy and leading a healthier lifestyle.

And now you can add Phoenix Girl for Invicta FC to your resume. Tell us about that.

I did my first event with them at Invicta FC 8 in September. I’ll be going on their tour with them in 2015. I absolutely love their organisation and Shannon Knapp is great to work with. It’s great to have a job you enjoy. I love the people I work with and I get to watch some really cool fights cageside. These girls are so badass.

Which fighters have impressed you so far?

[Michelle Waterson] — they call her ‘The Karate Hottie’. This girl is so badass. I kind of have like a girl crush on her. You see her in these modelling pictures and you wouldn’t think that she can totally kick your head off. She is so cool. When she’s not fighting, she’s so pretty and cutesy but then when she’s in there fighting, she’s in the zone like a total animal. She’s so badass there’s not even a word for it.

So this is your first real indoctrination into MMA?

I’ve always liked MMA but I haven’t ever really followed it closely. Natasha [Wicks], another Phoenix girl, was teaching me about the contests and points and how things work and it really made it that much more enjoyable for me to watch when you understand [the sport]. I like knowing some of the girls’ stories.

So it sounds like you’re on your way to be coming a superfan.

Oh yeah, definitely. I’m really enjoying it.

You enjoy a modest career in music as well. What type of music do you perform and how can fans get a taste of that?

It’s definitely pop music. They can hear it on my website or through iTunes. I’m looking at doing a music video soon that I want to put out with one of my singles. People can follow me on social media and my website to see what I’m up to.

Who are your musical influences and why?

I really respect Sia as a musician because she writes a lot of music in the industry and I really admire her for that talent. She wrote Rhianna’s ‘Diamonds’ in like 17 minutes. That’s a true gift. I also admire Rhianna for her ability to perform, produce and be transparent. She’s confident with herself and who she is and I do think that’s something positive for people to look up to.

We see you’re still in the best shape ever. What’s your secret?

I’m all about having a healthy balanced diet, but don’t get me wrong, I definitely indulge in my cheat meals like pizza, but I just try to keep it in moderation. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle 90 per cent of the time. I like finding healthy alternatives to foods I enjoy. I do work out. I lift weights, do high intensity interval training and I like feeling physically strong — it creates positive energy you’re going to carry throughout every other thing in your life.

When people get to know you, what are they most surprised to learn about you?

I think the thing I hear most is how relatable and open I am. I’m a very giving person.

What kind of man does it take to keep up with someone as busy as you?

I’m a very type A personality and I appreciate someone who can keep up with my pace...and someone who will bring out the softer side in me. I like having someone who makes me a better person. [Sorry guys, her steady of six years fits the bill].

You’ve certainly evolved over the years and we’ve seen you as a blonde, brunette and redhead. What’s your favourite?

To me, I’m just the same [no matter what my hair colour is], but I think as a redhead I stand out more. I like to be different and unexpected sometimes, but honestly, I like them all for different reasons. It’s like hair art.

Well, we’re pretty sure the fans love you no matter what you choose! Thanks for gracing our pages again, Amanda!

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