Lyoto Machida says Luke Rockhold fight is 'best option'
Lyoto Machida says Luke Rockhold fight is 'best option'

Lyoto Machida says Luke Rockhold fight is 'best option'

Lyoto Machida say he's open to a fight against Luke Rockhold. 

Lyoto Machida wants to get himself back into the title picture after his decision loss of current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. Looking to fight again within the coming months, 'The Dragon' says he's open to a fight with top-ranked ex-Strikeforce champ Luke Rockhold.

Speaking with, Machida revealed he'd be ready to fight again as soon as October.

"I want to fight again before December. The sooner, the better,” said Machida.

“I will be ready to fight after Oct. 20. I don’t want to wait too much. I only need six weeks to be in shape to fight... They might give me two or three fights before another title shot, or something can change on the way with my performances and they give me another opportunity earlier. Anything can happen."

After proving himself against the division's elite and pushing Weidman all the way in their July main event, Machida says he could've won the fight if he had got off to a better start.

"It was a close fight, we both had our chances. Weidman did his strategy and won. I have a good chance at defeating Weidman, and I’m going after the title again. I think that, should I have started (pressing him) earlier, maybe in the second round, the results could have been different."

With the majority of the middleweight division's top 10 currently booked for fights, Machida made it clear who he wanted to face next.

"Rockhold is the best option," he said.

"He’s ranked at No. 5, so he’s the best option. But I don’t have anything against him, he’s a nice guy and we’re professionals. He’s a former Strikeforce champion, has a good record. We could do a great show for the fans. It would be an exciting fight. The fans and the UFC would win with a fight like that, and I hope I’ll also win [laughs]."

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