Dana White: I never apoligised to Georges St-Pierre
Dana White: I never apoligised to Georges St-Pierre

Dana White: I never apoligised to Georges St-Pierre

Dana White has denied reports that he apoligised to Georges St-Pierre after his fight with Johny Hendricks.

Dana White has hit back at claims made by Georges St-Pierre’s mentor Krostof Midoux suggesting he apologised to St-Pierre for his harsh post-fight comments after UFC 167.

Midoux, speaking with French-Canadian media at the time, also stated that White had told GSP that he deserved the win after watching the fight a second time.

When asked about the Midoux’s claims, the UFC President brushed aside the comments in trademark fashion.

"I had heard that, but no, that's not true. I have not watched the fight yet. I still haven't watched the fight. This (Midoux) guy is like one of the new Kardashian sisters. This guy pops up out of nowhere, and now he's everywhere," said White.

"Realistically, I'm not forcing Georges to do anything, but Georges has to defend his title. He was off for over a year already with ACL surgery. So if people have problems with it, I could [not] give a s*** if they like it or don't. I don't care what peoples' opinions of that are."

White has been vocal following the controversial bout between GSP and Hendricks — a fight he felt Hendricks clearly won. However, at this stage, a rematch is yet to be announced with St-Pierre stating he’d be taking a hiatus from the sport due to ‘personal’ issues.

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