Julie Kitchen: I want to fight Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey

World Champion Julie Kitchen chatted with IK and answered 20 questions for us.

Julie Kitchen: I want to fight Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey

1. What would you be doing if you weren't a fighter?

Maybe still working in the local hotel as a wages clerk and receptionist?

2. Do you have any superstitions when fighting

Not really... Just little habits such as when I go to put my gloves on I have a certain movement I do with my hands first.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done during a promotion/fight night? 

Nothing springs to mind.

4. What is a surprising fact about you?

I think you all know everything.

5. How would someone close to you describe you?

Too laid back! I’d hope they’d say l’m kind, helpful and determined. 

6. What is one thing you are good at (apart from fighting)?

Being a mum. 

7. Favourite fighter?

All fighters that put 110 per cent effort into their sport. 

8. Favourite food?

After being vegetarian for over 20 years and recently started eating fish, salmon is high up on my list.

9. Favourite drink?

Ohhh…Vodka and coke! (But I don’t drink it often). 

10. Favourite tunes?

I like chill out music, my favourite album at the moment is Live Lounge. 

11. Favourite TV show?

I like reality TV programs. Especially Enfusion. Have you seen it?

12. Favourite movie?

I like comedy or family films that I can share watching. 

13. Dream guy?

My husband.

14. Dream wheels?

I don’t know too much about cars but I’d like a sporty convertible. 

15. Dream bout?

Gina Carano or Ronda Rousey.

16. What can’t you stand?

People who think they are owed a break when they haven’t worked for it at all, (all aspects of life). 

17. Best fight memory?

So many...the feeling after my first fight once my hand had been raised, I had the bug to compete from that moment! Also meeting so many amazing people along the way.

18. Biggest/best break you ever got?

Jumping in the ring to fight with one-hour notice on the WBC show in London which was being show on Sky Sports. It was against Karla Hood who I had previously fought and she had beaten me early on in my career. I had to borrow shorts, guys underwear and wear a boil in the bag gum shield! And I won. 

19. In 10 years I’ll be...           

Still teaching, as I love it. Hopefully I will be part of further TV work.

20. What piece of advice would you give to an up and coming fighter?

Stay hungry for it, listen to your coach, train hard and live the life of a fighter. If you want to reach the top, be prepared to sacrifice a lot as it does not come easy. Otherwise, just enjoy.

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